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Tribesports Blog: Nutrition Articles


Natural Alternatives to Gels

Sports nutrition has become so scientifically focused that the ingredients in products such as gels read more like a chemistry textbook than an edible food item.

As a research nutritionist I am all for scientific validation and from a legal point of view the health and nutritional claims regulations insist on it. However science does have one main flaw, it looks at specific things in isolation so it will analyse one key nutrient or a specific component in an individual food item such as beet...

Posted by Liz Tucker of 9 Bar under Nutrition on 25 March at 12:00 AM • Read more »

Endurance Nutrition: Man-Made or Au Naturel?

There comes a certain point in all endurance sports where you have to start thinking about your nutrition on-the-go. Whether it's a banana in your cycle jersey pocket or a gel on your race belt, getting sugar and salts into your system is crucial for all endurance athletes.

Coconut water and isotonic sports drinks now sit side-by-side on store shelves, allowing athletes a much wider variety of choice. There is no longer a 'one-size fits all' approach when it comes to sports nutrition, with m...

Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 18 February at 12:00 AM • Read more »

10 Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle - from Fit Tip Daily

Fit Tip DailyMaking changes to your life, your diet, and your exercise routine can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be! Many people try the “All or Nothing” approach. This usually ends badly!  Eating healthy and changing your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a painful transition.  

With these simple health swaps you can get lean and healthy without the torture of being on a “diet.”  Make 2014 your year to get fit and healthy.  

The best way to transform your bad habits is to make some simple healthy ch...

Posted by Adria A of Fit Tip Daily under Nutrition on 8 February at 12:00 AM • Read more »

Improve Your Hydration and #SayItWithSweat

Efficient body cooling and hydration go together like peas in a pod, that's why it's important to know how to stay hydrated so you can perform at your best!

Hydration for Sport

The biggest component of sweat is water, so whenever you sweat, your hydration will need to be topped up.

What should you be drinking?

Let's start off with some basics, drinking lots of fluids is not necessarily the same as staying well hydrated. Drinking only high sugar, milk-based or alcoholic drinks will dehydrate you - that's why...

Posted by Cags R under Nutrition on 14 January at 12:00 AM • Read more »

Dinner Timings: How many of these exercises can you sneak in during Christmas dinner prep?

Find yourself in the kitchen on Christmas Day when really you'd rather be having a little workout session? Well, why not combine both! Check out our dinner timing with a twist...

So, you find yourself feeding 8 people on Christmas Day, while the rest of the team are sat around in the living room, that leaves you with a 5kg (11lb) turkey (well, you gotta have some leftovers) and around 3 hours 40 minutes of cooking time.

Tamara A qualifying for Boston

But how are you going to make the most of your time in the kitchen.


Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Nutrition on 23 December 2013 at 12:00 AM • Read more »



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