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Strength & Stability Workout: Perfect for Cyclists

We teamed up with blogger and Personal Trainer, PtMollie, to put together a workout which will improve your strength and stability.

Mollie is a spin instructor, so as well as spending a lot of time on bikes (albeit static ones!), she supplements her training with these exercises to help improve her core, abdominal, lower back and leg strength.

Cycling Strength Workout

Why target these muscle groups?

Besides the obvious exertion required from your legs during long cycling sessions, there are other key target ar...

Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training, Cycling on 12 August at 11:00 PM • Read more »

#OwnYourMarks Winner: @emmajvc

Congratulations to @emmajvc - she's won the July #OwnYourMarks prize! 

Emma JVC ownyourmarks winner TribesportsEmma has shared some really awesome photos on Instagram, showing that you really can balance city living with an active outdoors lifestyle. As a reward for showing us some snapshots of her owning her marks, she's won £100 gift voucher to spend in the Tribesports store - maybe there will be some new colors coming soon to the #OwnYourMarks gallery.

Honorable mentions: sometimes, you guys make it really tough to pick out a...

Posted by Cags R on 11 August at 11:00 PM • Read more »

Tribesports User of the Week: Jennifer P

Jennifer P and Phil CWhich Tribesports Challenge has been your toughest and which are you most proud of?

The toughest are yet to come!  I have been working on trying to get a sub 2 hour half marathon and I am so close - 2:01:45 is my current PB.  The one I am most determined to complete is actually a team effort to travel five times round the world.  It is taking some time!

Of the ones I have completed I would have to say it was The Wall Ultra 2013.  I was injured before I started so it was a fairly stupid idea...

Posted by Jennifer P under Ultrarunning, Running on 6 August at 11:00 PM • Read more »

The H.I.I.T Man Workout

Brand new workout for you to sink your teeth into; introducing the H.I.I.T Man Workout!H.I.I.T MAN WORKOUT

Including rest periods in interval training is important, on round 1, you may be ready to jump straight into round 2, but take your rest period and if you still feel full-o'-beans by the end of round 3, why not tag on an extra round?!

All Tribesports Workouts are available on the Tribesports Training App - download it here for iOS and Android.

The amazing Spiderman Push-Ups

Something a little different...

Posted by Cags R under Fitness & Training on 5 August at 11:00 PM • Read more »

Le Tour de Tribesports - Winners Announced!

Every rider in Le Tour de Tribesports deserves a podium position, this team Challenge has been an incredible return of an old favorite feature to the community.

TdT 2014

However, there could be only 1 winner and this year, the Sprint Stars 6697 Km has earned them the title of Tour de Tribesports 2014 WINNERS!

Over 12,970 Km have been added to the team Challenge, which each team hitting over the 1000km mark in the first weekend of the race.

With 97 Challenge participants, the average distance co...

Posted by Cags R on 27 July at 11:00 PM • Read more »



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