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10 Push ups a day for 7 days

Want to get better at doing push ups and build some upper body strength then try this challenge. Some of us struggle with the push up and need some beginnner challenges to get going. If you can not do 10 in one go then try taking a break for a few seconds before finishing the set.

10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge rules

  1. Do 10 push ups everyday for 7 days.
  2. A short break for a few seconds is permitted.
  3. Knees must be off the floor.
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • John B
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  • L B
  • Garry A
  • Susanne C
  • Martin M
  • Ralf K
  • Cory S
  • Grace T
  • Joshua M
  • Nik Muhammad S
  • Jessica M
  • Bill Y
  • Oliver Q
  • Jessica L
  • Tony P
  • Sherae A
  • Krista D
  • Kimberly B
  • Tea S
  • Juan J
  • Hayley T
  • Roy K
  • Frölich A
  • Monica W
  • Jon H
  • Carlos A
  • Mark M
  • L T
  • Andrew M
  • Becki S
  • Falq H
  • Nikki C
  • Arlene C
  • Tara Lee  B
  • Hana K
  • Juan J
  • Jess H
  • Ifeyi T
  • Natalia L
  • Cy C

Recent advice

“I did this challenge at the modified level and I'm glad I did it! It was hard at first but now they're much easier. I'm going to keep push-ups a part of my daily workout routine and keep adding as I get stronger! ”

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Tizzle M 10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge

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Kaye D

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1st August 2011