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Related to the 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks Challenge

does this challenge reduce stomach fat?

Question • 8 answers

Newest answer

To reduce your stomach fat you definitely need to eat right and remember about a little portions beside that find the challenge that you like and focuses on your stomach . Good luck you'll do great.


How to add exercise to training session if I don't see it...

Question • 1 answer

I am trying to add Hollow Body Hold to my training session but I don't see it in the pull down bar.. is there a way to add an exercise or do i have to just pick one thats closest to what I am doing?

Newest answer

Do you mean 'Hollow Rock' Eryn as it is there in the pulldown?  


how do I get a firm abs?

Question • 7 answers

I do pole dancing. If I dont have classes I do crunches at home, jumping jacks and squats and no alcohol and soft drinks. any suggestions? 

Newest answer

What is a Jumping jack ??? 


Do crunches on a machine count?

Question • 2 answers

They have crunch machines and oblique machines at my those count?

Newest answer

I would say, as long as you don't find them easier than standard crunches, then yes.


how to log crunches

Question • 9 answers

how do I log that I've finished my crunches for the day???

Newest answer

After so many months on TS and just today I found out how to log on exercises! Thanks a lot!


Is there like a calendar or some way of checking off and ...

Question • 8 answers

Newest answer

Because I work out at home I have post it notes and spread sheets on my wall so I know what I am doing each day and then some extra one off challenges stuck to my wall also for if I have extra time and want something else to do!!


are there any diet to follow

Question • 3 answers

Newest answer

Hey Lisa!  First things first...DIET is a FOUR letter word an as stated by Monica should be dropped from your vocabulary. A diet is like an Ostrich that puts its head in the sand; as long as his head is in the sad "all is good"; just like a long a...


how will you do 100 crunches in a day?

Question • 24 answers

100 crunches a day

Newest answer

Break it down into small pieces. Do 30 then take a breather. Do another 40 then breath again. Then do the last 30 crunches. The key is breathing. (-:


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