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This is the first step to that washboard stomach you've been dreaming of! Remember to use good form, don't lift your lower back off the floor and always stretch out afterwards. Any form of crunch is allowed, why not try do it as many ways as possible?
If you can't do 100 in one go why not try the 100 crunches for 14 days challenge first?
Good luck!

100 crunches in a row Challenge rules

  1. The 100 crunches must be continuous, no breaks
  2. Any type of crunch is allowed
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Katie  E
  • Rachel J
  • Nikita M
  • Ronan P
  • Emma P
  • Hannes S
  • Emma P
  • Aleksandra M

Recent advice

“it was very challenging but overcomed it and completed it, my advise is to never give up cause it takes a winner to take the challenge and its too late to quiet”

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Sanny S 100 crunches in a row Challenge

Well done Sanny!! Have a great day! :-)


You're welcome - best of luck & have lots of fun with your challenges. I look forward to encouraging you :-)

Sanny S encouraged this.

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Challenge creator

Matt S

created the challenge

18th June 2011

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