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15 modified pushups twice a day for two weeks. (pushups o...

This is a challenge for those who cant yet do full pushups yet but would like to work towards them. These are pushups done on your knees while keeping your back straight, you are to go to a ninety degree angle with your arms. Good luck! happy pushuping!

15 modified pushups twice a day for two weeks. (pushups on your knees) Challenge rules

  1. You have to do all 15 in one set (two sets a day)
  2. Keep your back straight and make sure you are going all the way down.
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“I think now I will increase to 20 x 2 a day and keep going.”

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31 takers

  • Vixie
  • Liz
  • corinne
  • Kirstie
  • Matt
  • Dave
  • Igshaan
  • Leena
  • Tracy
  • Sean
  • Kurt
  • Paris

Challenge creator

Erin P

created the challenge

1st May 2012

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