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Related to the 20 chin-ups in one go OnceChallenge

machine assist?

Question • 5 answers

I'm just learning to do chin ups, and I do mine at the gym with machine assistance. doing roughly 55 pounds at the moment. do these count towards the challenge?

Newest answer

Thanks Julien.


Which way round?

Question • 1 answer

Do these have to be overarm, or underarm, or wide grip, or does it not matter?

Newest answer

Chin ups should be done with your palms facing towards you,  whereas a pull up has your palms facing away from you.  So if you look at the picture next to this activity,  he is about to do a pull up,  whereas in the videos posted,  you can see the chin up h...


Is a chin up easier if I raise and cross my legs behind me?

Question • 3 answers

Or should I go for a high off the ground bar, and try my chin ups fully outstretched?  Or legs raised infront of me?

Newest answer

That's true as well, if you get your timing right you do them a little more efficiently, for example i can do between 17 and 22 chin ups in a set depending on how well i get into the flow of it so to speak.. Also if you dead hang between reps it negates the...


Do you have to go all the way back down to straight arms ...

Question • 5 answers

Sometimes I see people cut their chin up short of coming all the way back down to arms fully extended - is this a wee bit of cheating, or the safest/best way to do it?

Newest answer

I have had routines that involve both dead hangs as well as kipping and the "cross fit" momentum style.  All three have their place when done correctly - the key is to correctly implement the form restrictions that each unique version has.  I have seen lots...


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