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about all the 7-14 days challenges

Question • 7 answers

Shouldn't you give your muscles a one day break between sessions especially if you're using the same ones?. every other day challenge would seem more reasonable

Newest answer

thank you all for the replies :)   btw, how do I suggest a challenge to the ts team?


Hello can I add the squats done for the 30day squat chall...

Question • 6 answers

the 30 day challenge starts at 50 squats on day one and i don't want to quit this challenge but i think the 30 day challenge would pose a greater challenge.

Newest answer

I would count them as well. After all, it's about fun, right?


I think I am missing where you log your progress. Where w...

Question • 3 answers

Newest answer

I simply click onthe "Training" button at the top of TS page and then click on "Add a training session". You can then log your training and add workouts etc. You can later click on "Training" again but then click on the "Training Progress/History" button ac...


Where do you do you`re daily squats?

Question • 23 answers

I did my 25 squats in the shower this morning and I was wondering what time, or where you do them!?

Newest answer

I usually do mine when watching the news in the morning but if I forget I've found myself doing them at work as a way to get off my butt for a little bit!


My neck hurt. Could it be my squat form?

Question • 8 answers

I took several challenges at once, so it's hard to guess which is making my neck sore. I'm doing 25 squats a day, 10 pushups a day and 100 crunches. I studied the forms for each and watched videos. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Newest answer

Thanks for posting this question Barney.  I have found that my neck gets sore during the crunches.  I will try the arms on chest idea :)


How do you log your progress on multi day challenges?

Question • 7 answers

For example, I completed today's 25 but I still have 6 days to go. Or do you just wait till its over and track yourself till then? Thanks!

Newest answer

I use the old paper and pen, have an A3 paper on the wall where I track the challenges &progress. Its always visible and always reminds me whats going on. Hope it helps


Whats the best exercise to do to add more curves in the w...

Question • 5 answers

Newest answer

Thanks all of you. But I think i'll go with adrian advice. I know my question is a bit confusing. I dont need to lose fat in my waist.I'm one of those persons thats struggling to gain weight not lose but just in the right areas. Don't want to go about it th...


Sounds from my knee

Question • 7 answers

Okay i tried to do squats just now without any weights. its just my bodyweight. when i started to lower my body and bend my knee, i can hear a sound. like click or something. i don't know how to describe it.

Newest answer

My knees go through little spells of making a whole range of percussive sounds and rhythms. However, I am sure it is age - that, and decades of being quite (a lot) overweight.


How do I change my challenges to what I'm actually doing?

Question • 4 answers

I have a couple of challenges that are not what I'm actually completing every day.  I'm doing 50 squats a day, and 20 push-ups a day.  I'm not exactly sure why, but when I first got on here, I clicked on those ones.  Is that the starting point?  I feel like...

Newest answer

You don't have to change your challenges, Take new ones and in the future if you can work on the ones you took now and never worked .... That can be another challenge after a while :-)  If you cannot find a specific challenge you want to do Create it and h...


Is anyone using a Taebo, and did its works

Question • 11 answers

I want to buy Billy's Blank taebo execirse, but not sure it it can work for me...

Newest answer

@ Sharon W, Hmmmm keep updates... I think I should too where did you ordered?


Feet in pain from marathon running

Question • 9 answers

I ran the full marathon this Summer, + a few half ones, and my feet took a real beating from all that pounding on cement. I've restricted myself to running indoors on a treadmill for the Winter, and the pain has decreased since, but I intend to run more mar...

Newest answer

Thanks Brenda! Since I posted this, I've been trying to change my running technique so that I absorb the impact on my forefoot instead of my heel. My feet have gotten slightly better, so hopefully, with time, the problem will go away. I'm trying to transiti...


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