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Improve your core body strength and tone up those abs with this great easy to follow 30 day burpee challenge, which will have you feeling great!

Please see the Guides for this Challenge so you can be sure you are doing them correctly to prevent injury.

Click on the Challenge's picture to find out what to do each day.
Log your training to track your progress!

30 Day Burpee Challenge Challenge rules

  1. You do not have to complete all the exercises in one go, you can split the exercises up throughout the day without missing out on the overall benefits. Remember to breath, Drink Water, Start off slowly.
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Anastasija M

Recent advice

“This challenge was indeed challenging for me and I loved every minute if it. As the number of burpees increased I did them in increments of ten. My core is a lot stronger and I am able to spring up from off of the floor a little quickwrt now.”

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Jo B 30 Day Burpee Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Jo B Gave myself a bit of a longer rest period - energy levels were down a bit. But back at it, and going to make up the difference as I go.

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Anne M 30 Day Burpee Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Anne M 24&25/30


Lol, I am, I even did 1 clap Burpees, lol the second one I tried, I ended up on my face. One day Gadget, one day. And oh yes, I have been checking out your crunch totals lately, hmm, gators getting close, haven't caught me yet (Phil Collins).


This is correct, I would have to get up extra early every day to catch up to your burpees. I was hoping to at least be in your league. I may have to take the Burpees challenge twice. :))

Isabelle C encouraged this.

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17th July 2013