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30 Days without Chocolate

It's that time of year, the sun has disappeared, the water temperature has dropped and there is no way you are getting in it, and the temptation to sit around and eat chocolate is getting worse day by day.

So here to help beat the cravings is a challenge, I challenge you to 30 days without chocolate.

30 Days without Chocolate Challenge rules

  1. No chocolate of any type
  2. No not even chilli chocolate
  3. or hot chocolate
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Аница Р
  • Karolína K
  • Lou N
  • Nini N
  • Paul S
  • Elena L
  • Yo Han L
  • Kailey W
  • Atlanta T
  • Lama A
  • Barry S
  • Susan M

Recent advice

“Completed the 30 day no chocolate challenge and a few pounds lighter. Surprised myself because I do enjoy my chocolate. Going to carry on. It does become easier as time goes on for those who are just starting it and it is well worth it because the pounds do drop off, especially combined with running and good work outs. Good luck to anybody who is just starting this challenge.”

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Kevin G 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge

The creator settings prevent seeing whether he is still active on TS or not And they would normally answer the question. without this guidance, you can only go with your gut feeling, unless someone who is or has t...

Amélie M 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge

Yes, it's perfectly good in desserts or in small portions if eaten alone in a form of chocolate (several squares are enough). If you want a natural sweet chocolate without sugar, you can melt the 100% one with a b...

Maria K 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge

Contributorbronze Maria K will see how this cutting sugar too so hopefully that will help me avoid chocolate or this challenge will help me avoid sugar or something like that. im picturing me hiding in a closet in two weeks with a stock pile of candy and cakes surrounded by cellophane Here's to challenging myself!

Kimberly K and Kevin G encouraged this.


Make some sugar free jello.. when I was cutting out sugar this really helped me on those days I wanted to give up.

Kevin G encouraged this.

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Challenge creator

Nigel K

created the challenge

31st October 2011