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Related to the 30 push-ups in one go OnceChallenge

How often do you suggest taking a break day during this c...

Question • 2 answers

I started with one week doing 3 sets of 10, then a week of 2 sets of 15 and yet I'm still struggling to get past 15 in one go. Any advice?

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Are you doing any exercises before the pushps? Perhaps make this the first one so you have maximum energy. As Alan recommends, add 1 each day or even 1 additional push up every 2 days, and build more gradually. Have a break between the 2 sets, do some ab ex...



Question • 1 answer

did i interpreted the instructions differently or i did it right?   "Build up to thirty by breaking your push up sets down into 3 sets of ten, with shorter and shorter breaks, followed by 2 sets of 15, before eventually going for all thirty push ups in...

Newest answer

I think it was suggesting a way to build up to 30 reps for those who could not do it at first. As in one day do 3x10, second day 2x15, 3rd day 1x30. But if you were able to do do 30 right off the bat, which you obviously were, then you have most certainly c...


How to go from 15 to 30 push ups?

Question • 8 answers

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Have you tried counting  backwards, 30'29'28 etc. somehow the psychology of getting to lower numbers can make it a little easier.


Whats the secret to doing a 'real' push up?!

Question • 5 answers

Now this may sound daft, but I genuinely don't think i can complete one 'real' push up. Are there a few step by step instructions anyone could suggest, so i could check that im doing it right? I imagine it is just that I dont have the strength yet, but any...

Newest answer

had never thought of plank to improve form, but it makes sense


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