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This is not so much a physical challenge, but a mental challenge. The object is to cut out alcohol from you diet for 4 full weeks. Everyone enjoys a drink now and then, but how many days worth of training do we lose because of the after effects? Too many. Cut alcohol out and you'll soon feel fresher, fitter and much more energetic in general.

4 weeks without Alcohol Challenge rules

  1. No Alcohol for 4 weeks
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Mara V
  • Hugo C
  • Fernando P
  • Nikita F
  • Sahil... S
  • Camilla A
  • Peer O
  • Kim H
  • Tatjana S
  • Maggie A
  • Mikiala G
  • Amanda L
  • Camilla A
  • Michael M
  • Mandy M
  • Monique Z

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“Alcohol is lethal when exercising. When you drink alcohol, you become slow and sloth. I have exactly one month, that I do not drink it and I feel fabulous. Pure energy through my veins.”

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Paula K 4 weeks without Alcohol Challenge

Contributorsilver Paula K Started this two weeks ago after a heavy hangover. But then parties came up and drinks came up too. I really would like to do this, but things always come in the way. I'm on day 3 now and it looks promising, but also in 3 weeks there is going to be the biggest drunkfest of Finland - I hardly see myself sober there. But - lets see if I get through these 3 weeks first :D Yeah, I might sound like an alcoholic, but that's how we roll in my country.

Amanda L and Malek B encouraged this.

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Challenge creator

Mike S

created the challenge

24th June 2011

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