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Joost B 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge

You may like to try Energy of Beyuna. It's based on a natural ingredient called Powergrape and has no caffeine nor sugar. I use it in the mornings (instead of coffee) and about 15-20 minutes before exercising. I get i...

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Pam  H 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge

if you take vitamin D in the morning and magnesium in the evening this will help  when cutting out stuff and keep a smile on your face :)

Kevin G 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge

Absolutely agree with everyone of these responses, identify exactly what your goal is ie what you are trying to give up and then either drop, wean or part replace, good luck, try and push into that second week and eve...

Alex D 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge

Headaches are caffeine withdrawal for sure. If you want to avoid the caffeine then weaning yourself off it is the only way. If you want to give up the soda but are happy with the caff then switch to coffee or tea. ...

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