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We live in a society of go-go-go, fast-fast-fast, now-now-now! STOP! Commit to 5 minutes of silence per day for one week. Anytime of the day (morning, lunch break, night, driving, etc). Turn off the TV, the lap top, the radio, the ipads, the cell phone, etc. Allow yourself 5 minutes of silence. Read, look out the window, sew, stretch, or do nothing. Clear your mind, if only for 5 minutes.

5 minutes of silence Challenge rules

  1. Dedicate 5 minutes of silence a day for 7 days or one week.
  2. Be mindful and aware of your thoughts, feelings, body, and enjoy 5 minutes of silence
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Rafia Y
  • Taraji S
  • Anna K
  • Nicky C
  • Hannes S
  • Lyda L
  • Lyda L
  • Mark G

Recent advice

“This was hard! Cus I usually have something distracting me but I managed to do so. When I did yoga throughout the week I did it in silence, making lunch and dinner also I took 5 mins of peace n quiet. ”

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Challenge creator

Aireal M

created the challenge

8th June 2012

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