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Alphabet Fruit and Vegetable

Can you name a fruit or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet?
Your mission if you chose to accepte it is to eat your way through the alphabet - only fruit and vegetables count.

A Apple
B Blueberry 
C Cherry 
D Dragonfruit, Dates, Dewberry, Damson, Dill Pickle
E Elderberry 
F Fig 
G Grape 
H Huckleberry 
I Indian Fig
J Jackfruit 
K Kiwifruit 
L Lemon 
M Melon 
N Nutmeg 
O Orange 
P Plum 
Q Quince, Quinoa, Quinoa, Quaker Oats, Quetsche Plums
R Rhubarb 
S Strawberry 
T Tangerine 
U Ugni 
V Vanilla 
W Watermelon 
X Xigua 
Y Yangmei 
Z Zucchini 

Alphabet Fruit & Veg Challenge rules

  1. Take the challenge
  2. Eat a piece of fruit or vegetable in alphabetical order - post your updates!
  3. Once the alphabet is complete so is the challenge
  4. Different varieties count ie - Mellon, Honeydew Mellon, Galia Mellon...
  5. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“Apple, banana, carrot, dates, eggplant, figs, grapes, honeydew melon, iceberg leetuce, jalapeño pepper, kiwi, leek, mango, nectarine, orange, plum, quince (could not find), raspberry, spinach, tomato, ugli (could not find), vanilla, walnut, xigua (could not find), yam (could not find), zucchini (could not find)”

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Helen T Alphabet Fruit & Veg Challenge

Contributorgold Helen T Oops...11 months ago i got stuck at Y and forgot this challenge...I better hurry up and find something!

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Challenge creator

Aine D

created the challenge

9th August 2012

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