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Bench Press Your Body Weight

Whether you use a bar, dumbells or a Smith machine, this is a fantastic achievement that anyone would be proud of.

Key things to remember:
Work your way up to it gradually by increasing weight when you're ready
Grab a friend to spot you incase you lose your form and to help with those few reps you struggle with at the end of the set
Warm up and stretch before attempting this exercise

Bench Press Your Body Weight Challenge rules

  1. Flat bench only
  2. 10 reps to a set, not just 1 rep max.
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“I am 78kg and I benched 80kg. About 60 was my top weight before then I am now looking to get to 100 kegs. Thanks for this challenge, it got me off my little plateau.”

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Rick P Bench Press Your Body Weight Challenge

Contributorgold Rick P 188 pounds body weight; bench pressed 210 pounds

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Alan W

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7th September 2011