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Bench press your own body weight

Can you bench yourself? One of the upper body bragging abilities this one, requiring good strength to weight ratio.

Challenge is simple - using free weights, fully bench press, only once, your own body weight. The leaner challenger probably has an advantage on this one!

Try and attempt this with a spotter to make it safer.

Bench press your own body weight Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Brock M
  • Mohamed B
  • Marko B

Recent advice

“Yeeahhh... completed this a while back and never came back to click complete. My advice is to keep at it, benching seems to increase by itself as you do it for a while. ”

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David D Bench press your own body weight Challenge

Contributorsilver David D weighed in at 187.5 .. wearing a hat, white tee, shoes, and gym shorts. hit 225 for 6 in my first set after warmups. it says one rep max is 270 ... I feel that's a little high, probably a one rep max of 255. First time benching today in over a year and a half lol Reminder : Push ups, go a long way!! I remember when 20 was difficult a couple months ago, now I don't feel comfortable unless I bust out a 50-rep set. Work harder gentlemen. ladies, get ur pushups in when you can, don't stress em ;)

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Steve S Bench press your own body weight Challenge

Contributorgold Steve S got the bar off the rack but no press attempted. Need to train a lot more ;(

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Challenge creator

Steve R

created the challenge

23rd February 2011

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