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Biking as Fast as the Fastest Human Mile Runner

As of May, 2010, Hicham El Geerrouj has averaged over 16.1 miles per hour in both the 1500 meter and 1 mile track events. Ergo to complete this challenge you will have to bike outside on flat terrain with an average of 16.1+ miles per hour for at least 10 miles. You can do it!

Biking as Fast as the Fastest Human Mile Runner Challenge rules

  1. You must average a speed of 16.1 miles per hour on your single seat bicycle for at least 10 miles to complete this challenge.
  2. Build up to the speed required for this challenge to avoid injury. Also make sure your bike is in good working order and you have proper safety gear, such as a helmet, prior to attempting this challenge.
  3. Terrain should be as flat as possible.
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Lucas M Biking as Fast as the Fastest Human Mile Runner Challenge

Contributorgold Lucas M The best I've ever done is average 17.1 MPH over 35 miles. But that was 3 or 4 years ago and I haven't been able to do it since. This will be a true challenge.

Rob R and Laura H encouraged this.


Glad to hear it :-). I'm in the same boat. Good luck!

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16th July 2012