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It's an exhilarating moment, when you feel that first bite and you realise you might be about to reel in your first catch! Challenge is to get out their fishing, and catch your first fish, big or small.

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“ICE fishing is so much fun I love to fishing anytime. I'm so happy that there stocking for trout everywhere I live. Time to do some stream fishing. ”

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Mirja E Catch your first fish Challenge

Contributorgold Mirja E I caught my first fish (common roach or Rutilus rutilus) at the age of 6 from a small lake in South Estonia :) It really was a great feeling :))

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Cags R Catch your first fish Challenge

Contributorgold Cags R I used to love mackerel fishing in Scotland with my dad, grandad and brother - didn't actually like eating mackerel so grandad would have a lot left over at the end of our visits!

encouraged this.


I will eat it now but I hates the smell when I was younger, still not a very fishy person (cue me pulling pout as I always do with @helenlrennie whenever we discuss fish)


I'll take seafood over steak every time. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


I like it more now but NOTHING beats steak

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31st March 2011