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Climb a 30 story building (real or machine)

Another stepping stone on the way to the Empire State Building challenge. Climb 30 stories in either a real building or on a stair machine, with a conversion of 20 steps per story.

Climb a 30 story building (real or machine) Challenge rules

  1. Climb up 30 stories above ground level in a real building, or 600 steps on the stair machine
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Haemish G Climb a 30 story building (real or machine) Challenge

Contributorgold Haemish G Did 40 stories at the climbing wall tonight including 1xF7a flash, 2xF6c flash, and 1xF7b with one rest.


The climbing wall is 12 metres tall so you do not have to do many routes to cover 400 feet. I am not really interested in climbing buildings as it would probably be the same move over and over again.

Nick B encouraged this.


That s ok Haemish! But depends what building it is too. I know a few around the world that you would find more than challenging

Nick B encouraged this.


There are some good problems on an old stone bridge on the seafront in Swansea.

Nick B encouraged this.

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19th August 2011