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Complete 50 squats without stopping

Put your endurance to the test and aim to complete 50 reps of one of the best bodyweight exercises around. Maintain good form and a steady tempo throughout and don't rest of re-adjust your feet until you have done 50.

On every rep your bum must come past your knees, and then back to a full standing position, hands must be on your head or out in front, no placing them on your knees for support.


Complete 50 squats without stopping Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Body Weight Squats

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“I dunno, I've only done 35 squats in once before today. I literally just saw this and went for it xD So, don't think and put on some good music - like paramore - and go for it.”

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Gisell J Complete 50 squats without stopping Challenge

Contributorsilver Gisell J Taking this challenge after completing the 25 squats a week :) done my first 50!

Eunice Y encouraged this.


mmm now is this for a week? or for a month or what? I can't see a specific time given..

Eunice Y encouraged this.


ok somehow I was busy yesterday ( with a zumba class and two hour karate class) and missed my 50 but I have just done them today, if not too tired after two more hours of karate I will do 50 again, to compensate for yesterday...


Did my 50 just now and yes after karate the other day I did 50 too

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Kaye D

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3rd January 2012