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Core Workout everyday for 7 days

Test your abs, arms, glutes and core with the Core Workout! This Challenge is designed to improve your muscular endurance in your core muscles.

Do this workout everyday for 7 days :

Core Workout everyday for 7 days Challenge rules

  1. No stopping between exercises
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Mike H
  • Kelly H
  • Brock M
  • Natalie  D
  • James P
  • Mark Q
  • Skylar S
  • Nikita F
  • Rawia E
  • S C
  • Crissy S
  • Nora K
  • Nathan T
  • Danielle N
  • Bree G
  • Ashley R
  • Pocholo M
  • Helen N
  • Matthew F
  • Rebecca T
  • Verena A
  • Nikita M
  • Jelena B

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“I like this challenge because it's intense and quick. Each day got a little easier so I could feel my progress. I heard it takes 21 days to create a habit so I'm going to try the challenge for two more weeks.”

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Victoria S Core Workout everyday for 7 days Challenge

Contributorgold Victoria S 2/7 - planks not getting any easier!

Amanda C and Bob K encouraged this.


Yes, people tend to miss that one. Commonly you hear played the 2 you mentioned and the Immigrant Song most of the time on the radio

Victoria S encouraged this.


And Whole Lotta Love. Going to California, The Battle of Evermore and Gallows Pole are three of my favourite songs of all time, and yet hardly anyone has heard of them. Mind you if I go down this road I'll name pretty much every Zep song...Unfortunately despite Britain being home to the gods, our radio stations don't play them ever - unless you have a digital radio and tune in to Planet Rock. Which is why I stick to CDs in my car...

Bob K encouraged this.

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Ricci R Core Workout everyday for 7 days Challenge

Contributorgold Ricci R Ok, all done.. have not posted them, but all done for the 7 days

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  • Mike
  • Kelly
  • Brock
  • Natalie
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  • James
  • Mark
  • Skylar
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Challenge creator

Kaye D

created the challenge

4th February 2012

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