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Do 30 Jump Squats in 1 minute

This is a great way to strengthen, tone, and increase lean muscle on your legs. perform a normal squat, then as you rise jump in the air as high as you can. Make sure when you land you are landing on the balls of your feet first, not flat footed or landing on your heal after you do jump squats. I like to keep my hands on my head to force my core to engage for balance throughout too!

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“I did 30 jump squats in 34 in a half seconds. I'm pretty proud of myself, but I'm sure people can beat that and have. It took me three times, because I kept thinking that I couldn't. ”

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Roomi S Do 30 Jump Squats in 1 minute Challenge

yea mate.. I too didn't think I would complete it in that sec..

Rick P encouraged this.

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25th July 2011