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Do a cartwheel Challenge rules

  1. Do three cartwheels in a row
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Rosemarie R
  • Diana I
  • Abbie B
Abbie B recently completed this Challenge

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“May not have had the front handspring in me but this I could do! My 8 year old loved it, but then again he may have just loved seeing my fall on my butt trying a handspring :)”

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Bethany Megan W Do a cartwheel Challenge

Contributorsilver Bethany Megan W Last time I tried this it was a disaster!! Challenge Accepted!!!


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Marion H Do a cartwheel Challenge

Contributorgold Marion H HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just tried one but only had enough momentum to get to the handstand, then fell in a crumpled heap on my head. Might go outdoors for this tomorrow LOL!

Martin S and Rick P encouraged this.


My daughter raced over mumbling OMGosh mum you are insane!

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Ashling S Do a cartwheel Challenge

Contributorbronze Ashling S I've never in my life been able to do a cartwheel so this could take me a while. =D


Haha ash im on about the small ones not the goals, it took me a few gos to do, my mother,nia and daniel were bursting there arse laughing as a few 8 years old were showing me up haha,


Backwards u kidding I can JUST do the front ones


Haha...I tried the small ones a few months ago but felt like I was too tall and I'd hit my head off the ground so ws too scared to do it. Must try again. We'll head down someday and I'll show u the backwards ones. We used to climb up to the crossbar and swing around that. No fear in our teens.

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  • Rosemarie
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  • Ell
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Challenge creator

Claire C

created the challenge

1st July 2012

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