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Eat a portion of vegetables with your main meal every day...

Easy for some this one, esp I am guessing those with kids, but not so easy for others. Maybe use this challenge to break a cycle, get back into veggies or similar. Challenge is to eat a proper portion of vegetables with your main meal (be it lunch or dinner), every day for 7 days in a row.

Eat a portion of vegetables with your main meal every day for 7 days Challenge rules

  1. Proper portion means not sneaking veggies on to the top of a takeaway pizza and counting it for example :-)
  2. Restaurant meals do count - but it has to be a proper portion! (don't be afraid to ask for more :-))
  3. It's tenuous, but vegetarians are allowed to hit the Done This Before button
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“While I LOVE my veggies I found this a great challenge to remind me to get in my veggies during the cold months when they are not at the forefront of my diet”

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Challenge creator

Steve R

created the challenge

2nd August 2011