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For one month, no elevators for buildings of 5 storeys or...

I am part of a large urban audience that conveniently skip the stairs to push in with the crowd towards the elevators, be it the Metro stations, shopping malls or even office buildings. As a result when the stairways never become cleaner or accesible, the health-level of a typical urban professional deteriorates. Hence the challenge.

For one month, no elevators for buildings of 5 storeys or less Challenge rules

  1. Use stairs instead of elevators for buildings of 5 storeys or less.
  2. Do not use escalators at the Metro or railway stations, find and use the stairs, instead.
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“I always do this when the option is there - sometimes it motivates me to make it feel like a workout and I push myself when climbing the stairs.”

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Kirstie M For one month, no elevators for buildings of 5 storeys or less Challenge

Contributorgold Kirstie M Just been down the 2 floors to reception to carry a brick sample back to a colleague. Didn't take the lift back up!


kind of upset the receptionist too. Bless him, he thought I ought to get a superintendent to carry it for me. I walked off with it in one hand...

Manu S encouraged this.

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Manu S

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25th March 2012