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No time, no distance. Just swim!

If like me you're not the strongest swimmer and seem to find every excuse under the sun not to go, this is the challenge for you!

This challenge is not about time or distance it's simply about encouraging you to get back into (or even start) swimming!

Swimming is fantastic exercise and is very low impact so its great for recovery.

Get back into Swimming Challenge rules

  1. No time, no distance. Just swim!
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

Related Exercises

Training for the following exercises will be automatically logged against this Challenge:

Swimming, Swimming Freestyle, Swimming Butterfly, Swimming Back Stroke and Swimming Breast Stroke

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  • Jacky M
Jacky M recently took this Challenge

Recent advice

“This year I restarted regular swim sessions after 10 years of no swim training whatsoever, just the casual recreational swim. Worth it. Not only is it a great workout on its own but it's also great for cross-training. ”

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Scott W Get back into Swimming Challenge

Contributorgold Scott W My girlfriend and joined the local pool at the end of our street, more swimming to come! :)


Weeeeeee:) Let you in on a secret. I purchased a pass to the local pool in December (I think, it's been so long I have no idea) and have yet to go. The winter was rough and I am terrified to put a suit on. LOL Thank goodness it was cheap.

Scott W encouraged this.


we only moved about two months ago and the are running an offer of full access on the cheap for the next 8 weeks, its then cheaper to get a full membership at the end of the period. We really both want to be more active and given that it is a few minutes walk from us we went for it. To make it better we used it on the first night to get us going :)

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Jon A Get back into Swimming Challenge

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, get in the pool and swim. It really is about being comfortable in that environment.Swim the required distance as often as you possibly can, leaving sufficient time for re...

Stephanie S and Tamara A encouraged this.

Shawn S Get back into Swimming Challenge

Nick obviously anytime in the water is going to benefit you greatly.  My question is have you talk to a Seal Recruiter and asked him these same questions?  Since you are in college I am assuming that you are going to...

Bob K Get back into Swimming Challenge

has some good recommendations and OUTSIDE the pool start practicing holding your breath. You should aim to be able to hold your breath easily for 1 minute while actively doing something like a Rubics cube. DO NOT do...

Tamara A Get back into Swimming Challenge

What is your present swimming level, do you know all the strokes are you a competent swimmer?

Geir L Get back into Swimming Challenge

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Fitfully Me * Get back into Swimming Challenge

Fitfully Me * I started this personal challenge last week and just thought to look for one on here. My goal is simply to get better at swimming. The only way to achieve this is to swim more... For the next 6 weeks, at least once a week, I will go swimming. (some weeks will be twice)

Tammy S encouraged this.

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Mary D Get back into Swimming Challenge

Mary D I've got back into the swimming habit recently - 20 lengths twice a week. Since alternating gym with swim I can now manage 30 lengths (and did so today :-)) and suspect I can push that a bit further. Will aim for 35 lengths on Tuesday.

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