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How to make yourself drink enough water!

Guide • 0 responses

I used to never drink enough water a day. Until I had big troubles with my right kidney. It refused to work and I had to go to hospital for a week. From that day on I told myself that I must drink more water every day, no matter how hard it is. I don...

Amount of Water

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If you like to carry a water bottle around, here is a little tip. there are approximately 33.8 oz in a liter. plastic water bottles are usually 12-16 fluid oz. To reach the 2 liter mark, drink 4.5 to 5 water bottles each day. Good Luck!

How to tell the amount of water

Guide • 0 responses

Try taking a 2 liter coke bottle and cleaning it out to make sure there is no more coke. Then fill it with water and you will have a perfect amount =)

8 cups a day or more

Guide • 0 responses

Try drinking 8 to 9 cups a day that should equal out to the 2L.

Drinking Your Water

Guide • 1 response

You can download an app called iDrated for the iPhone and this not only encourages you to drink more water but also reminds you and keeps a log of how much water you drink :)  

How to drink 2 litres of water!

Guide • 9 responses

Try drinking a 500ml bottle or about a pint with each meal, plus another 500ml when you would normally have a tea / coffee break, e.g. morning break at work. When you are first starting out it may be preferable to drink more earlier in the day and taper of...

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