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How am i going to update my progress here. Is there a tra...

Question • 2 answers

How am i going to update my progress here. Is there a tracker system? Am a newbie, sorry for asking too many questions.

Newest answer

Just post your progress each day, it's too easy. 1/14, 2/14, 3/14... go up one each day. Let us know how you're doing.


Can I substitute hot tea for cold water?

Question • 2 answers

I'm having difficulty drinking all this water today. It is cold outside and cold inside the office.

Newest answer

It should be 2 liters water, tea should be additional. The challenge says it's hard to work up to 2 liters, so you have to try your best. If you drink a large glass of water right after you wake up and then do the same after each time you go to the toilet,...


Who is seeing a difference in their skin?

Question • 10 answers

Newest answer

I have noticed a change, I even stopped using my lotion all the time. My hands are softer and noticed now that my lips seem to not look dry. Going to stick with it even after I complete the challenge.


How do I log how much water I drank?

Question • 2 answers

I am doing the 2 litre a day water challenge - should I just type it in the Post - Thanks Fr Newbie

Newest answer

When you type everything down for yourself it's easy to truck your monthly challenge. I also bought gallon of water for the day and I wrote the time on the side of the bottle to remind myself when I need to drink it again. Good luck :)


i can still drink things like milk ?

Question • 5 answers

Newest answer

Thats a Yes, although if you are doing this one i might reccomend the Soda (Pop) avoidance challenge as well.  


is it normal to get spots when you start the water challe...

Question • 3 answers

I've never really enjoyed water so this is the first time I have had so much on a daily basis. I'm wondering if its normal to get spots at the start of this challenge?

Newest answer

If this is a significant amount of water from what you normally drink it could be signs of your skin detoxing. If you are also eating healthier it could be your body purging the toxins. 


How can I do this

Question • 17 answers

Please help me

Newest answer

Just constantly remind yourself to drink every hour or so, also I carry a water bottle round with me during the day so it's always near me. :)


2 litres water challenge

Question • 8 answers

Has anybody noticed anything different since starting the challenge? how have you been feeling? I'm interested to know if others are experiencing changes...

Newest answer

yeah I have to pee alot more.


how do you drink yours?

Question • 19 answers

how do you keep count of the water you drink? do you fill 2*1 litre bottles, 4*500ml? how about glasses? what works for you?

Newest answer

I refill a 500ml Mount Franklin water bottle every time my iPhone beeps and reminds me to drink water. But I will then pour the water into a glass because it feels nicer to drink from a glass. I set 4 reminders at the following times: 8am; 12pm; 3pm & 6:40p...


Do you guys only drink good ol' plain water for this chal...

Question • 2 answers

I wouldn't add in any sweeteners like honey or sugar but I wanted to know if I could slightly flavor my water with mint, cucumber, lime, tea leaves, etc.

Newest answer

You sure can! Just about all fluid is counted........this has all been updated recently. I know it was just water, but from what I have read.... it all counts :)


How do you keep track of your water intake?

Question • 16 answers

I like to use rubberbands to count glasses of water, curious to know how others do it.

Newest answer

Simple,:) fill as many bottles/jugs etc as it needs to make 2 litres, when empty .........2litres gone !!!!!!!


I drink 8 - 16 oz. bottles of water everyday, yet when I ...

Question • 9 answers

Newest answer

it is pretty normal that the urin in the morning is darker than during the day. also when you drink too less during the day your urin is darker(with darker i mean more yellow) and when you drink enough it's gets brighter. so don't worry :) and happy discuss...


Is this bad for you?

Question • 11 answers

My doctor is kinda unreliable, ive had bad luck with her so im not sure how much faith I have in her. But she says that drinking this much water will over work your kidneys, and is actually bad for you? Just wondeirng if this is true?

Newest answer

drinking 2 liters of water is not bad for our health.. actually it helps us to regain what our body losses... it will help us the get rid all the toxins in your body and it is good for the skins... :D


Can you add some Crystal Light into the water? I can't dr...

Question • 8 answers

I drink 64 oz a day with some flavor in it.

Newest answer

Hearing that almost makes me laugh, my mother is the same. Make your own caffeine-free iced teas..drink soda water with lemon or lime wedges.. Grate a little ginger in..get creative but keep the sugars down otherwise there's no point.


Does flavored sparkling water count? 0 sugars, 0 caffeine...

Question • 5 answers

Newest answer

You can have sparkling water and add some lemon or lime to it with natural stevia or a Tbsp of hrade b maple syrup. Just steer clear of any products that list things you don't recognize, can't pronounce, or contain chemical additives, colours, or sweetners...


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