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Related to the Go for an Early morning run. OnceChallenge

How do you motivate yourself to get up so early?

Question • 13 answers

I've been trying to do this for a while, but can never get my lazy bum out of bed. Any suggestions for motivations/good ways to force yourself up? I know I'd feel so much better for getting up and going!

Newest answer

I'm an early bird anyway but know if I don't get up early I won't get chance to run as there is so much else going on. Not one for evening runs so it's a 5am wake up call or nothing!


Should I eat before I go running or should I eat after ru...

Question • 13 answers

Newest answer

It all depends on what your trying to achieve. I agree with the above answers.  Weight loss, sometimes people do fasting cardio.  Trying to gain distance and stamina, you need to fuel your runs. 


Will this count?

Question • 4 answers

I have took 2 early morning challenges, one is this the other is early morning gym session. If I run to the gym early in the morning do a work out will it count as me doing both challenges or not?

Newest answer

seems like a good idea to me! rack em up!!


For this challenge, how do you rouse yourself up if you a...

Question • 15 answers

I know that it seems crazy to do this challenge when the mornings as well as running frustrate the hell out of me, but I'm looking to get back into shape and I would like to be able to get back out on the lacrosse field. With 4 jobs and a full semester of c...

Newest answer

Michael, have you managed to crack your aversion to early mornings and running yet ?


Winter challenged....

Question • 4 answers

how do you get outside to run in the winter? i can't figure it out! everything is icy and I'm scared to fall... how do you keep warm? ETC!

Newest answer

This is a great question you sound like I did. My running buddy who I started training with last spring asked me if I ran in the winter. I responded much like you did to which she responded, you'll get used to it. Implying I did not have a choice. I am glad...


Inside or Outside?

Question • 8 answers

I am particularily fond of the treadmill. Is this challenge specifically for running outside or can I complete if I go for a run in the gym before 7?

Newest answer

I did see the "hit the pavement" statement, but I bet no one would complain if you hit the dirt on a trail I think the treadmil would work.  We all work with what we have available for us, and being and feeling safe is an important issue.  A...


The rest of the day...

Question • 13 answers

Might seem silly, but I always struggle to stay up for the rest of the day when I've been running at 7AM. Any tips?...Coffee only lasts me about 20 mins :)

Newest answer

take a nap in the afternoon.  I wish I could do this everyday.  But when I do - life is sooo good


Do you have a proven formula for ratio of pre-workout pro...

Question • 4 answers

I'm trying to find the right combination of protein & carbs, per pound off body mass, to recommend to average runners before a workout. 

Newest answer

Have to say that I agree with Chris F. Everyone is different and everyone's body process fuel differently so it is about trial and error and find out what works best for the person based on their own body and their exercise programs.


What is considered early?

Question • 7 answers

I want to try to leave my home by 4am...Whay about you?

Newest answer

Early is before the locals are out and moving, which varies depending on where you happen to be. If I have gotten a head start on the masses, I consider it early!


What to eat before?

Question • 6 answers

What do you eat before you go out, and how long do you leave it after you have eaten before you go out?

Newest answer

definitely depends on the person.. i know for a fact i can't eat for at least 2 hours before or i end up feeling really upset during the run.


Running before 7am

Question • 1 answer

I have to start before seven, not finish by, right? : )

Newest answer

If your running shoes have hit the pavement before the clock hits 7am, you pass


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