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Improve your balance by standing on one leg with eyes clo...

A simple way to improve your balance is to stand in the corner of the room (no, you haven't been naughty), close your eyes, cross your arms across your chest, then lift one leg.

To complete this challenge you have to do this on both your right leg and your left leg for 60 seconds each without falling over/putting that raised leg down. This HAS to be done concurrently/or very close to it. In other words, if you manage 1 minute on one leg one day, and another 1 minute on another leg another day, that is not good enough to complete the challenge. However, if you manage 1 minute on one leg then it takes three or four goes before you manage it on the other leg, but in the same session, then you can claim completion.

It's not as easy as it sounds & it's harder if you're not wearing any shoes.

Improve your balance by standing on one leg with eyes closed - beginner Challenge rules

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  • Kristina M

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“Good to keep this up to improve balance ... I included a yoga move where you hold the ankle of the raised leg and stretch it back as far as possible using your hand. ”

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Andy D Improve your balance by standing on one leg with eyes closed - beginner Challenge

Contributorgold Andy D Done. Much more difficult on the right than the left leg. Best advice I can give is to try to relax; if you tense up, you'll quite start to drift sideways. And concentrate on your breathing, it makes a difference.

Kristin B and Maria G encouraged this.


My doc has me do a few things like that to check balance at my physicals.

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23rd February 2011