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Power Walk, Runing, Biking this are best sport to lose weight and gain condition!

lose 4lbs(2kg) per month Challenge rules

  1. Use any sport you want to lost fat and gain muscles! Write it down what sport you do!
  2. Write down your starting weight: "ex. 2012-08-01 : weight 55.4kg"
  3. Write down your middle control weight "ex. 2012-08-15: weight 55.8kg".You can have control only 2 times
  4. Write down your final weight on the last day of the month :" 2012-08-31: weight ?"
  5. Control how much did you lose weight and buy new jeans :)
  6. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“You are taking the lose 4lbs(2kg) per month Challenge. Adelaide, AU • On 5 Oct at 11:37 PM • Comment Claire L encouraged this. Starting... 5th October 2012... 65.9kgs Renee H • Delete • On 5 Oct at 11:38 PM Done... 63.7kgs :D :D Renee H • Delete • Today at 2:53 PM”

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Adriano R lose 4lbs(2kg) per month   Challenge

Contributorgold Adriano R Month of March went from 242 lb to 235 lb for a total loss of 7 lb in one month. Now to keep at it to hit the target weight of 200 lb.

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Jeff C lose 4lbs(2kg) per month   Challenge

Contributorgold Jeff C 1/2 month past, still 170 LB. Since I have joined TS, I run 2-3 times/week, Follow aerobic exercises in YouTube, sweat everyday...still my weight fluctuates between 168 to 170 for 2 weeks. I even changed my bio picture from a heavy weight lifter to a nimble Lego runner.

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Jade K lose 4lbs(2kg) per month   Challenge

Contributorsilver Jade K Start 29/9 83.5kg

Sue A encouraged this.


Thanks Sue for your encouragement. I need it.

Sue A encouraged this.


Just believe you can and you will, confidence will come after you've got a few results, so maybe get a tape measure out too - the more feedback you are making progress the better. And as long as its really important and you're confident to make these changes that's when you get motivation. I've lost a short size doing TS its great. I put a wee sign in the pantry with the words "I choose to be ...." it made me think twice about some snacking habits and made me think what was REALLY important to me. And that was how I felt about myself!


Thank you. I got the tape measure out this morning to see how i a tracking each week. I haven't been on tribe sports since May and this always motivates me. Even if it is to get off the lounge and do a few squats or dips it all helps. I have nothing in my pantry as i cant control myself and portion size. I have calorie controlled meals being delivered from Lite n Easy, which has helped before. I have a sign on the fridge which is a quote from Mohamed Ali "I hated every minute of training, but i said "Don't quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion". I like your sign to Im going to put that on the bathroom mirror!

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Aine D lose 4lbs(2kg) per month   Challenge

Contributorgold Aine D starting at 220lbs...
currently doing... KB swings, sqats, KB one arm press, KB triceps extensions, KB one are row, calf raises.. trying to add something new each week so I don't get board...

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