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No Flour No Sugar for 15 days

I am already a part of intense weight training program but i am finding it difficult to shade last 10 pounds belly fat. I wanna go with this No Flour and No Sugar diet.

No Flour No Sugar for 15 days Challenge rules

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“this one was a little hard for me but it has really payed off I'v toned up more in the last 2 weeks than I thought i could. My lovehandles and tummy fat is almost completely gone I would recommend this to anyone looking to loose weight. ”

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Malachy K No Flour No Sugar for 15 days Challenge

Contributorgold Malachy K I think this could be quite a tough challenge considering there's sugar or flour in almost everything that comes in a packet or jar.
I'll just have to be a little more inventive with my cooking, even though it's already mainly whole foods anyway..

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Survive without bread n pasta?!? NOooooo.... ;-)


Lol, about the pic... I'm an artist (of the performance/circus variety), and the devil is one of my characters.. I'd generally be on stilts, so in character I'm about 8'6" tall, instead of the usual miniature 6'3"

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