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Eat 2 pieces of fruit everyday for 30 days!

Ooooh, fruity fruity! Challenge rules

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  • Oliver J

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“I've been doing a few different fruit challenges at the same time - never eaten so much fruit in my life! It's been a good challenge for myself & the rest of the family. I plan on keeping this as a daily part of our lifestyle.”

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Mark H Ooooh, fruity fruity! Challenge

Contributorsilver Mark H Still going strong with the fresh fruit mandarins and tangerines are the main staple at the moment, but that's a Christmas thing, always loved these fruits around Christmas time

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Mark H Ooooh, fruity fruity! Challenge

Contributorbronze Mark H I love my fruit, but it's easy to get lazy with it especially with changes in seasonal availability. I've been eating plums, grapes, nectarines, peaches and melons up until recently, but I'm now changing over to bananas, apples and the orange family (nectarines, tangerines, clementines, and oranges). I've essentially done this challenge over and over, but its a good reminder to stuff my face with "good-eats" rather than "bad-eats". Day 1: apple, pear, banana. Are we counting dry fruits and nuts in this challenge as well??

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18th December 2011