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Eat a piece of fruit, everyday for 30 days!

Most people will be able to do this easy, but for those people that need to get themselves into a good habit, take this challenge, and eat a piece of fruit everyday for 30 days!

Oooooh, fruity! Challenge rules

  1. No strict rules - just make a conscious effort to eat a piece of fruit, everyday for 30 days
  2. A grape is not a piece of fruit, a bunch is
  3. A slice of lemon in your G&T does not count
  4. Having a whole lemon across several G&T's still doesn't count
  5. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Wateau M
  • Chelsey Mae M
  • Nicoleta G
  • Oliver J

Recent advice

“Excellent challenge, really made me focus on getting fruit into my diet. Definitely recommend this to everyone and will make an effort to continue a month's good work! :0)”

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Gerry F Oooooh, fruity! Challenge

Contributorgold Gerry F Do we need to list each fruit and quantity everyday for 30 days?

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Laura S Oooooh, fruity! Challenge

Contributorsilver Laura S Actually bought a bunch of fruits on friday, and have been eating at least one kind every day!
So 5/30 - 1 banana, 1 apple and some grapes

Kevin G encouraged this.

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Alan S Oooooh, fruity! Challenge

Contributorgold Alan S Banana and two apples (really need to mix things up a bit)


and if you're not careful, that sort of combination just lends itself to immaturity...

Danyka P and Alan S encouraged this.


I used to have a pair of plums...

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18th December 2011