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Related to the Oooooh, fruity! OnceChallenge

are fruit shakes acceptable?

Question • 4 answers

are fruit shakes acceptable? some of my fruits turned overripe. maybe i can just put them all in the food processor and make a healthy drink out of them. does that count?

Newest answer

Fruit smoothies are a great way to eat your fruit! I LOVE THEM! Especially strawberry and banana, mmmmmmmmm :P


If I ate an apple on day 1, can I eat apple again on day 5

Question • 4 answers

Will it count towards challenge?  Is it ok to alternate fruits or does fruit have to be different daily?

Newest answer

the rules do not say at any point you can't repeat fruits....just a fruit a day for 30 days so heck yeah that counts!!! Just as long as you eat a piece of fruit everyday not a different one :) keep up the good work!


Just fresh fruit?

Question • 1 answer

before I start this challenge just thought I'd clarify that it's just fresh fruit or would one portion of dried fruit count?

Newest answer

no, its only the fresh fruits which will count, however dried fruits r good for health, but regarding this challenge it will not count........ all the best.........


oh no! i missed a day!

Question • 3 answers

ok, i think this is a silly question but i really need to know coz it's bugging me! i've been eating fruits everyday for almost 2 weeks but i forgot to eat on one day! so do i have to count day 1 all over again or can i continue counting the very next day a...

Newest answer

Doh, back to the start is I handle these missed days



Question • 6 answers

do homemade fruit smoothies count as eating fruit, thinking of having one in the morning before my work out

Newest answer

For sure, as long as the fruit's nutrients are still there :)


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