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Go for a run and don't get passed by anyone. You can pass walkers and joggers all you want but, the second someone passes you you're done.

Passing lane only Challenge rules

  1. No getting passed
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“Chose a very popular jogging track for this challenge and managed to run my course without being overtaken. Would like to give thanks that the very young, fit male runner I saw warming up didn't run in the same direction as me!!! LOL :)”

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Kevin G Passing lane only Challenge

Contributorgold Kevin G did not get passed by anybody today, but overtook 2 runners, 2 cyclists and do stationary cars count :))


Karin, your English as a second language is probably better than mine as a first :))

Samantha W encouraged this.


Helps to work for a company with lots of expats. I speak English every workday, but occasionally the two languages cross wire and make for funny pictures in my mind.

Kevin G encouraged this.

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Jennifer P Passing lane only Challenge

Contributorgold Jennifer P Did not get passed by a single person in my 5k race today :-D


I couldn't believe it! It was a surreal experience, never happened before :-)

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Aaron G

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4th April 2012