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This challenge will help you build your upper body strength by progessively adding more push ups over 5 days. Day 1: start with a min of 5 straight body push ups, day 2: double day one, day 3: triple day one, day 4: quadruple day one, day 5: day one x five. Example: day one = 5 pushups, day 2 = 10 , day 3 = 15, day 4 = 20, day five = 25.

Push Ups Ladder Challenge rules

  1. NO BACKSIES! Only push ups done after taking challenge count :)
  2. Straight leg push ups only.
  3. Does not have to be done over consecutive days. But must be 5 different days.
  4. Challenge yourself! If you can easily complete 25 push ups start off with more than 5.
  5. You can only complete when you have posted all 5 days data. (over a min of 5 different days)
  6. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“This is not a very good challenge because the progression is wrong. I started with 7 and finished 4 days later with 35, which did push my limit. But if, say, you can do 30 pushups and want to do more, the way to do it is to do 30 on the first day, then 31 a day or two later, and so on. The ladder is not very good because it is a waste of time doing much less than you are capable of on the initial days.”

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Kevin G Push Ups Ladder Challenge

Well the creators long gone so you won't get an answer from them. some previous takers have done in sets, some in one go, others no idea. As the days do not have to be consecutive and therefore allow rest, I agree wi...

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Challenge creator

Avril P

created the challenge

3rd July 2012