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run 100 stairs without stopping

Want a great cardio and leg workout? Start running stairs! This is an easy one to work on because stairs are everywhere - inside and out.

run 100 stairs without stopping Challenge rules

  1. stairs must be run, not walked
  2. you can not stop for a break when doing this challenge
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Marielle C

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Joshua B run 100 stairs without stopping Challenge

Contributorgold Joshua B 231 stairs! Yeah!


Helen H and Lena C encouraged this.


Yeah! It's just outside Plymouths football stadium. Perfect for the challenge. Legs are feeling it now though...


well it beats going up and down my home stairs !

Joshua B encouraged this.

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Kate S run 100 stairs without stopping Challenge

Contributorsilver Kate S I have just got back to running the bleachers - need to find a building with 100 stairs I can run up without stopping - in Hong Kong that's one thing we have alot of. Actually, according to my Dad there are 80 in my house from the bottom floor to the top!!! (The guest room is on the top floor!!)

Frank P encouraged this.


thats great .. you get people very motivated so thank you , I remember I used to do that training in Cayman , Ill have to find me some steps too now so thank you ...

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Trevor L

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24th April 2012