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Run 100 Trail Miles in August 2012!

Although ultra-runners can knock out 100 miles in just one race, this challenge is meant to push the daily, light, or casual trail runner to go those extra miles every time they run in an effort to reach 100 total miles by the end of the month. 100 miles in 31 days is the equivalent of a daily 5k. I want to encourage folks to share their strategies for reaching the 100 miles for the month!

Run 100 Trail Miles in August 2012! Challenge rules

  1. 1. Preferred trail miles are NOT paved.
  2. 2. Share strategies, post progress, encourage others, and have fun!
  3. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“This challenge was awesome the whole way through. I learned a lot about myself, goal setting, and accomplishing objectives to achieve my goal. Ironically, Day 31 was just as hot as Day 1. Already looking ahead to a September challenge. Happy trails! :) ”

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Cat B Run 100 Trail Miles in August 2012!  Challenge

Stattobronze Cat B logged 20.92 km of Running in 3:20:00
Add 13 miles. New total: 37. Friday night run was awesome! Planned on running 4-5 miles but ended up running 7.5 b/c the weather felt so nice! Sunday run was ok. I managed 5 miles but it took me the entire 1st mile to get warmed up and moving good. End result included butterflies tickling my legs, hawks buzzing around over me, and close encounters w/about 12 hummingbirds. Life is good. Happy trails!

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Cat B

created the challenge

2nd August 2012