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Run 15 minutes without Talking !

Run 15 minutes without Talking ! Challenge rules

  1. :-)
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Ingrida I
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  • Beyza B
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“I teach a number of classes including a fit club, cross fit and introduction to running so this was a bit challenging for me - lots of people asking questions - the easiest was was to but the ear plugs in and turn up the ipod! lol”

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Ann L Run 15 minutes without Talking ! Challenge

Contributorgold Ann L funny because I like to run by myself but I still talk. LOL. managed to keep my mouth shut today.


Do you talk to yourself? I always wondered how people find breath to talk to another person let alone to yourself... kind of funny! :) was it difficult?

Ann L and Aija M encouraged this.


I do talk to myself :) and if I am doing well I will give a little shout out. I am sure the cars driving by think I am nutty. I sing sometimes too. It's a good exercise in breath control to sing and run at the same time.

Aleksandra M encouraged this.


Huh, that makes sense. Never thought about it that way... kind of like in the army... :)

Ann L encouraged this.

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Murray S Run 15 minutes without Talking ! Challenge

Contributorgold Murray S 25 mins. Did not even talk to myself ;)

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23rd May 2012