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Related to the Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks OnceChallenge

Any distance minimum on this challenge.

Question • 5 answers

Newest answer

Shaking my's like learning to walk again Kevin, but we all have one goal here on this forum it seems...we all want to better ourselves and I'm so excited to be apart of a community of like minded people.....


Ways to prevent/treat runner's knee?

Question • 12 answers

I started running during the summer last year, and things were going great (got up to 5 miles) when I developed runner's knee and had to stop for some time.  I'm starting up again as I'm doing a tough mudder in April, but I'll do some runs and I'll feel it...

Newest answer

I do alot of stretching and a fast walk before I run. 


What do I concentrate on first, speed or distance/endurance?

Question • 12 answers

I'm new to running although my fitness is quite good. I have done some runs on the treadmill over the last couple of weeks and can run 10k in an hour. I now need to know whether I should concentrate on my endurance or try and build on the speed? I don't re...

Newest answer

Sounds like speed is worth working on for you. I am a novice runner so I am working on endurance first, I think speed will come. My husband has been working on speed with intervals and hill sprints. He has endurance, running 10-20km at least once a week.


How to improove my running speed

Question • 8 answers

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One little thing i notice that speeds me up is trying to get my foot back to the ground faster. My guess is that this increases my footspeed.  Varying the music i listen to help too, listening to pendulum loud improves my times ;) As per the other posts, de...


How Often

Question • 17 answers

Is it ok, physically, to run every day. What I mean is, do you need to give your body (muscles) time to recover? I'm only running a relatively short distance but have run every day for the last 2-3 weeks and my calves definitely feel it. Is that normal?...

Newest answer

Thanks all! :) x


When you are new at jogging what is the best possible way...

Question • 9 answers

I am new at it but want to add it to my fitness routine plus never to old to start

Newest answer

Taking it easy - watch out for injuries, that are almost never related to muscles, but to joints, so ankles and knees. You should start with a mix of walking and running, increasing the running % by the time.. Consider something like: Level 1 - 2' walk+...


Is there an easy way to check when you took a challenge?

Question • 4 answers

Always have to scroll through updates to find when I took a challenge and wondered ifit is recorded anywhere. 

Newest answer

awesome - I was wondering much the same thing last night - can get a bit confusing trying to keep track of them all :)


Bad Weather Running

Question • 8 answers

Due to snow and ice I can't get out to run. However, I have been to the gym and run for 20mins on a treadmill (twice so far this week).  Can I count these runs as part of the challenge?

Newest answer

Theres no such thing as bad weather just inadequate clothes!


what day does the week start?

Question • 8 answers

Do the weeks start on sundays or mondays? i know, stupid question but it makes a difference in the numbers of my runs this week.

Newest answer

I count a week as seven days regardless of start date. I prefer to think of it this way so i dont get sucked into, well I will start Monday.


Beginners Program count

Question • 7 answers

Does the learn to run program count as running?  If I'm starting the learn to run program which is 3 times a week for 8 weeks starting with a walk/run schedule, does this count?

Newest answer

yes the important thing is that you are out there getting it done, kudos to you and keep it up!


one week of resting and stretching and the hip still is a...

Question • 8 answers

Newest answer

I had my hip pain for a few months before it came good, I think it was for a few reasons, firstly i started off to quickly, my mind was ready but my body was not prepared enough for the runs i was doing. Secondly i found a good PT who studies sports physio...


Do the runs have to be on different days?

Question • 6 answers

For the three times a week. . . .if I ran twice today and once yesterday, does that count for 3 times this week - or do I have to run on 3 different days?

Newest answer

I think you're good - it doesn't say 'on different days'. Just 3 per week.


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