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Run a 5k in under 18 minutes: Beat the 18 minute 5k time!

Starting to enter a pretty exclusive club with this one - challenge is to run a 5k in under 18 minutes

Run a 5k in under 18 minutes Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Ben R Run a 5k in under 18 minutes Challenge

Contributorgold Ben R im still speechless every time i read this, im good with running forever but not good with sprinting and this time is just wicked =) the day i can complete this i'll sure be a very happy man!

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Ben R Run a 5k in under 18 minutes Challenge

Contributorgold Ben R At what pace do you have to run to achieve this!! Sprint i mean lol!!


Yup those are crazy sub 6 min miles. Good Luck with that :p

Ben R and Lisa M encouraged this.


Based on a 5 kilometers race at 00:18:00, your projected finish times for the following distances should be: 1500m 5:01 the mile 5:24 3000m(3k) 10:28 3200m(about 2 miles) 11:12 5000m(5k) 17:59 8000m(8k) 29:36 5 miles 29:47 10,000m(10k) 37:29 ten miles 1:02:05 a half marathon 1:22:39 a marathon 2:52:19 These times are projected equivalents and are not a guarantee of performance or final race distance times. The Distance Finish Times calculator calculates a predicted time at a distance for you based on a time you provided for another distance. It uses the formula T2 = T1 x (D2/D1)1.06 where T1 is the given time, D1 is the given distance, D2 is the distance to predict a time for, and T2 is the calculated time for D2. The formula was developed by Pete Riegel and published first in a slightly different form in Runner's World, August 1977, in an article in that issue entitled "Time Predicting." The formula was refined for other sports (swimming, bicycling, walking,) in an article "Athletic Records and Human Endurance," also written by Pete Riegel, which appeared in American Scientist, May-June 1981.


okay. i have a speed, ... yes thats crazy ... now im in shock!!! ... OMG!!!!!!!! ... 16.66km/h ... WHAT!!!! lol!!

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Dave C Run a 5k in under 18 minutes Challenge

Dave C 5k in under 18 mins may be a bit of a stretch for me, but hey, it is supposed to be a challenge!! I started running at the end of Feb to try to get fit again after an operation and I try to run an officially timed race every month. So far I've managed 22.30, 20.03 and my last time was 19.33. I'm aiming to break 19 mins first, but have a feeling this may be easier to say than do!!


You seem to be on the right track. Think faster than 3:36 km pace. Practice this pace in shorter repeats to get your body used to the pace. Best of luck.

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31st March 2011