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Running a 5k is an excellent goal for new runners, and a great entry point distance into what can seem like a daunting sport. The 5k (3.1 miles) is the perfect distance for first-timers - and is a great milestone for any runner to have achieved. Start increasing the amount of time you're running for, building up to the full distance. Good luck!

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  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“I ran my 1st official 5K this past weekend and was shocked at how I did. I wasn't able to run the whole thing but did run most of it and still finished with my best documented time (even during training) of 31:18!! I even placed 48th out of the 220 participants in the race!! That was impressive for me personally!!”

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Jeff C Run your first 5k Challenge

Contributorgold Jeff C My first 5K completed. Crystal City 5K Friday (4/11/14) time: 33:55 Hooray!


Thank you very much. This is me with my 5 years old son after the race. (Warning: the silly joke is following after this message... I was too fast that no one could take pictures while I was running)

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Adrian R Run your first 5k Challenge

Adrian R Some friends and I are doing one of the Color runs in 5 weeks. I'm not a runner... Looking for any advice on where to start. I looked at the C25K stuff. Looks like I might start there, but any other help would be great. Thanks


Don't feel pressure to be in super great running shape for Color Run. I did my first one today, and the majority of the people walk. I alternated running and walking and finished in about 40 minutes. Do get a good look at the elevation of the course, though. There were some hills I wasn't counting on, and I made the mistake of not bringing my knee brace because I didn't realize I'd need it. If C25K is too boring, the Zombies, Run 5K trainer app is pretty fun.

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Claire W Run your first 5k Challenge

Claire W Tomorrow start training for my first 5k. Have been running for two months now and have completed total beginners program. Can run for 10 minutes straight (at slow pace) and looking forward to building this up. Will complete this before end of April :)


Don't worry it gets easier, you'll be doing 5k's in no time at all. Have you booked in to an event?

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Andrew S Run your first 5k Challenge

Andrew S recently started running so am building to my first non stop 5k and aiming for 30 mins or under. managed 4.71km in 30 mins yesterday with a 2.5 min walking break. Hoping to break the 5km with no breaks this week.

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Kirsty M Run your first 5k Challenge

Kirsty M I'd like to run the whole 5k - at the moment I run for about 8minutes then walk for a min or two and then go again. My goal is to run parkrun. I don't even care what time :)

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