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Saturday mornings didn't used to exist: they were a time for sleeping in and maybe doing some shopping and getting a nice brunch. The challenge is simple: go for a run on Saturday morning! It can be any distance, terrain or effort level, just so long as it's outside and before noon.

Saturday Morning Run Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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  • Cecilia O
  • Natalie S
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  • Jessica M
  • Natalie S
Natalie S recently completed this Challenge

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“At first, I was considering making this a relax day; but it was so beautiful and warm out, I could not say no! 1.5 miles with a 30 cardio workout. So sore, but feeling good and will sleep well! ^_^”

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Vincent R Saturday Morning Run Challenge

Contributorgold Vincent R Sunny, windy (initially), wet (heavy rain yesterday) run this Saturday - my black shorts and socks returned with stylishly varied shades of brown specks - though my top bizarrely remained mud free!


You see………it CAN be done :)))))))) I LOVE running in the rain!!!

Vincent R encouraged this.


Yep :D Most of my quickest runs seem to happen in the wet where it's easier to keep cool! Though I have admit, running in the summer sun can be wonderful too ;o)

Ricci R encouraged this.


Not so much the summer sun…………….a bit hot for me :)

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Vanessa M Saturday Morning Run Challenge

Contributorgold Vanessa M completed this, this weekend. Only my third ever run and only just over 0.5m, but hey, we all have to start somewhere!


half a mile is cool. When I started I could only run for 1.5 minutes!

Vanessa M encouraged this.

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Bob K Saturday Morning Run Challenge

Contributorgold Bob K Completed on a nice sunny fall day

20131116142209-start 20131116142217-mid 20131116142225-end

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Challenge creator

Becky M

created the challenge

20th April 2012

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