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1. Assume Plank position.
2. Hold position for 7 minutes.

Seven Minute Plank Challenge rules

  1. Do not break plank position for at least 420 second.
  2. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Recent advice

“Ten minutes! Felt it mostly in my upper arms, core was strong.”

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Stefanie D Seven Minute Plank Challenge

Stefanie D Held a plank for 9 minutes and 30 seconds today after managing 8 yesterday. Wanted to do 10 but just couldn't get that last 30 seconds.

Daniel M encouraged this.

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Neil B Seven Minute Plank Challenge

Contributorgold Neil B Just got to manage the 5 minute challenge and now 7......OMG ....LOL I hate the plank


Thanks Lauren for the motivation........actually I'm working out morning( cardio) evening (strength) so am just a bit winded ..........I will do it is another issue......have been trying to quit 100% alcohol from the beginning of the yr( last yr I quit nicotine)......have finally hard wired my brain and have been on the ban now for a week plus (am 1000%confident to hold this time) I should get my peak/high before the end of the year........but it is one day at a time...............let me check out the Dragon.......thanks Lauren 4 sharing

Daniel M encouraged this.


Lol....i did a set of 20x3 of legs straight up only yesterday of Dragon flag.......its nothing compared to a plank which i find much much tougher ...............funny.....I'll try leg raises 45 degrees...........???????

Daniel M encouraged this.


Yes, google dragon flag+bruce lee..........To me it seems like an upside down plank moving in a windshield wiper motion where shoulders are fulcrum/anchor point.

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21st June 2012