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In the European skiing, pistes are classified by colour coded system. In this system, black slopes are the most difficult to ski down and are considered 'expert'. They vary widely and may contain moguls.

Ski down a black run Challenge rules

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“Skiing is the best, at the moment thinking of where in Europe to go next winter. ”

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Pete F Ski down a black run Challenge

Contributorsilver Pete F It's nearly summer here. But this winter just gone, I got on a pair of skis for the first time in 27 years. nailed a few black runs at Turoa, loved being back on skis :)

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Andrew M Ski down a black run Challenge

Contributorgold Andrew M Well it wasn't pretty, but I've done it. I fell over a few times and have a few bruises to show for it, and part of the run was done on my arse, as I fell off on a bit that was too steep to facilitate putting my skis back on. Still, I'm counting it and clicking the complete button.

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I'll vouch for him. It wasn't pretty

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4th January 2011