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Solstice Run 2012

Solstice Run 2012 Challenge rules

  1. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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“Just a short run today. Typical Irish Midsummer - it poured rain the whole way round!”

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Brenda D Solstice Run 2012 Challenge

Contributorgold Brenda D Wind and rain again today. Hard to get motivated to complete this challange!!!!


I totally understand, I had to kick my butt out the door, but it was worth it :)

Nick B and Brenda D encouraged this.

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Kaye D Solstice Run 2012 Challenge

Contributorgold Kaye D This is today right?


Run for where u are - for me it's tomorrow morning (14 hours)

Nick B encouraged this.


Technically, the solstice is today (at 23:09 UTC), but because of daylight savings, it's tomorrow (00:09 BST). There are following solstice running challenges, so I suppose you could do one today and one tomorrow.

Kaye D and Nick B encouraged this.


On the radio this morning, the presenter (Ian Dempsey on Today FM - an Irish station) said even though strictly speaking tomorrow is Midsummers Day, today is in fact going to be the longest day (earliest dawn, latest sunset)... I'm gonna count both!

encouraged this.

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Candida B Solstice Run 2012 Challenge

Contributorgold Candida B So Nick you want us to run on the 21st or the 20th June? I'm confused! guess you meant the traditional day of the 21st...?


I'm running on the solstice for where I am. Which will be Thurs 21st

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Challenge creator

Nick B

created the challenge

17th June 2012