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sprints, jump rope, burpees

This is to help you with the 6pack. Stick to this for a month and you should see improvement. Though the challenge is not for a month, its to complete a session as follow;
Your intensity should be maximum all the time,.
First do the sprint then rope and then burpees repeat twelve times (12 sets), starting with 10sec sprint, 1 minute rope, 10 burpees adding the starting amount with each new set.

sprints, jump rope, burpees Challenge rules

  1. No breaks between the intervals
  2. a maximum of 45 seconds between the sets
  3. your heart rate should stay above 75% all the time
  4. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Ben R sprints, jump rope, burpees Challenge

Contributorgold Ben R @lisamac - hows this going? see you started a war and i think it's time i start making it less easy for you again ;p heehee!


Been a bit busy for this one, might do it later - we'll see :)

Ben R encouraged this.


Anyway, enough chatting I have workouts to do :)

Ben R encouraged this.

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Chris M sprints, jump rope, burpees Challenge

Contributorgold Chris M sounds interesting the jump rope shouild be funny (cause ive never done it ) otherwise anything to improve abbs is good


So awesome Chris!! thanks for doing this!! i need all the support i can get =))

David H encouraged this.

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Ben R

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4th July 2012