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Swear Word Push-Up Challenge

We've all heard of the swear jar. This is a twist on that idea, whereupon the user of swear words does 10 push-ups to cleanse the conscience, instead of donating money. As an avid user of colorful language, this challenge ends up being more of a workout than it is a vocabulary cleanser, but use it however you wish! You must go 3 days living by the challenge rules.

Swear Word Push-Up Challenge Challenge rules

  1. Each instance of a swear word = 10 pushups (right there on the spot)
  2. In the case of extreme situations where the push-ups cannot immediately be performed, they may be postponed, but it is discouraged. Half of the fun is embarrassing yourself in public!
  3. DO NOT click I have done this before. If you don't use swear words, then click Take and wait out the three days.
  4. Good luck and have fun!
  5. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.

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Carol Ann B Swear Word Push-Up Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Carol Ann B Didn't have to do as many as I thought.. honest!!


That's great. I really have to bit my tongue at times, don't want to do push ups in front of my colleagues. ;)

Carol Ann B encouraged this.


Oh me too.. easy enough in patient's homes (standard professional conduct).. but back in the office was a whole different story, lol !! :-o

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Lena C Swear Word Push-Up Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Lena C I'm retaking this one, wish me luck ;)

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Micah G

created the challenge

28th July 2012